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Last database update 2024-05-29

Search Tips

search is not case sensitive
fields are automatically linked by AND
for partial strings the % sign can be used as a wildcard   

taxon search
queries for a genus can be sent as "genus name" "blank space" and the "%" sign:
  searchstring "Oncidum %" yields all data for Oncidium plus all data for transferred names, e.g. Cyrtochilum, etc.

typing the initial letters for "genus" and "epithet" are sufficient as search criteria:
"p bad" yields all taxa where genus starts with "p" and epithet starts with "bad" results include e.g. Parmelia badia Hepp, Peziza badia Pers. or Poa badensis Haenke ex Willd.

search on synonymy has been implemented for nomenclatural & taxonomic questions / for this purpose the "incl. syn." checkbox is activate as a standard; if you want to get data for the exact search string uncheck "incl. syn."


image(s) provided for living plant    ||    observational record; without specimen or image

image(s) provided for herbarium specimen    ||    images provided for specimen and living plant

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