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We are in the process of digitizing our collections, which should enable international users to have quick access to botanical collections from the herbaria ADMONT, B, BAK, BRNU, CHER, DR, ERE, FT, GAT, GJO, GZU, HAL, HERZ JE, KFTA, KUFS, LAGU, LECB, LW, LWKS, LWS, LZ, MJG, NBSI, OLD, PI, PRC, TBI, TGU, TMRC, UBT, W and WU.
It is our main goal to provide a unified and jointly administered specimen management system for the participating herbaria. Special attention is paid to providing images for all material online and especially high resolution images for type collections.

conspectus of taxonomic databases


database management and digitizing -- Heimo Rainer
html -- Ursula Schachner
php-programming -- Johannes Schachner

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